About our Firm


About the Firm and What We Do

The firm is comprised of professionals whose goal is to provide the highest quality legal representation for those accused of alcohol and drug offenses.  We do not advertise that we handle personal injury, wills and estates, divorce or even generic criminal law.  First, we do not advertise at all.  Second, we focus exclusively on the effects of an arrest due to alcohol or drugs.  We do not divide our time and loyalty to other pursuits in the legal arena.  We concentrate in one area and provide representation in a province that we know extremely well with focus and professionalism.

We do not do “drive-bys’” on any aspect of your case.  Most OWI arrests involve license hearings.  We will have a thorough and detailed legal defense to any proposed license suspension.  We will handle all license hearings and present legal arguments and authority to prevent your suspension and fight for your license with great vigor.

We will look at every possible aspect of your case to find defenses to criminal charges. Understand this: if you have been arrested for OWI or almost any other criminal charge, you can bet that almost everyone in the world thinks that you are guilty.  Well, not everyone.  We don’t.

Arrests must be legal.  The general public seems to forget that fact – unless it happens to one of them.  We take great effort to assure that the police did their job right because their mistakes are to your benefit.  Remember, the Constitution still reads: “Innocent Until Proven Guilty”.  That is one of the rights that our brave countrymen die for every day.  We will never let anyone forget it.

On a more personal side, we will work tirelessly to help you put your world back together.  There are a lot of things that can go wrong after an arrest.  We help our clients get their lives back on track. We don’t make excuses for, or enable our clients if there are substance abuse issues.  We will help you deal with those head-on. There is an absolute distinction between defenses to an invalid arrest and personal problems caused by alcohol or drugs.  If there is a defense, we will find it.  If there is a substance issue, we will find the highest quality professional help and help you to get your life back.

Finally, we hate repeat business.  Our ability to put clients back on course with their lives and keep from getting in trouble again far exceeds those programs controlled by the court system.  We measure our success stories by those we never see again.  We always will.

Advertising  – Why I don’t

I don’t have a billboard.  I don’t send letters to people I don’t know in an attempt to get their business.  I don’t have an email marketing campaign.  I don’t advertise on television.  I don’t have a Yellow Page ad.  My name is not even in bold print in the phone book.

I grew up believing that the practice of law was a profession, a calling.  After thirty years, I still do.  I did not believe in advertising when I first started.  I don’t believe in it now.  I would rather mine salt than advertise.


So how do I get my clients?

Almost all of my clients are referred to me by people in or familiar with the legal system.  Most of those who refer clients are other lawyers who know what I do for their family, friends and clients.  The rest are referred by someone else that I have helped out in the past.  I am proud of that.

So if you are disappointed that you did not see my billboard on the way home from jail or find a letter attempting to solicit you when you sort through your daily stack of junk mail, I apologize.  Then again, I ain’t gonna change.

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