Drug Arrests

Most drug arrests are the result of a vehicle traffic stop. Unsuspecting travelers often find their journey interrupted after allegedly committing a minor traffic violation. Based on response of the driver and observations of the officer, travelers often find themselves roadside trying to explain their actions and justify their travel plans.

In the event that a traffic stop leads to a search which uncovers drugs, contraband or large amounts of cash, an arrest usually occurs. Based on the quantity of drugs discovered and the prior record of the occupants of the vehicle, those charged can face very substantial prison sentences.

In the case of interstate traffic stops, it is not unusual for all occupants in a vehicle, or in some instances, occupants of vehicles traveling together to be stopped. Police often arrest persons based on their belief of some connection between the transportation of drugs and vehicles, leaving up to those charged to demonstrate that they were not involved.

Often arrests of operators follow commercial vehicle inspections at weigh stations or along the interstate. In many instances, routine examination of log books and equipment can quickly escalate into a cab and trailer detention, search and seizure.

We review all aspects of the stop, search and seizure to insure that the rights afforded to citizens by the U.S. and state constitutions are strictly adhered to. Our extensive experience in defending those accused in traffic stops and subsequent arrests provide our clients with a legal defense team well versed in the unique challenges in this area of law.