Money and Asset Forfeitures

A considerable part of our practice specialization is dedicated to representing those individuals who have had cash or property seized under U.S. and state forfeiture laws. By law, law enforcement agencies have the right to seize money and property if there is a direct association between the money or property and drug activities. In many instances, travelers have their property and possessions seized subsequent to an arrest regardless of whether drugs or other contraband are found in the vehicle. By law, the law enforcement agency which seizes the property must serve the person with notice of intention to seize.

WARNING: If you have cash or property seized by law enforcement, you have a limited time to make a claim. If you do not make a claim in a timely manner, your right to your cash or property may be forever lost.

In the event that you have had cash or property taken from you as a result of a stop, search or seizure, you should take the proper action immediately. Do not wait for criminal charges to be formally brought before you take action; forfeiture matters are civil in nature and operate by rules separate and apart of the criminal process.

Our team has resolved many forfeiture actions successfully. These procedures require immediate attention and focus to be successful. In the event that you or a family member is aggrieved by a seizure, your urgent attention is a necessary element for success.