Why Us?

OK, so you have been arrested, booked, bonded and served.  Your mugshot is being circulated by your “friends” who are eager to show the world your plight.  You are humiliated, lost and confused.

You don’t know what will happen with work.  Will you still have a job?  Will you be suspended?

You have interviews set up with prospective employers.  What do you tell them?

You don’t know if you can drive?  You think that you might be able to, but have no idea about how long and under what conditions?

You have no idea what will happen with your insurance.  Will you be cancelled?  Will your rates go up?

You heard about this diversionary program that may be available and that will fix everything. Will it?

What do you do?

No problem.  Your former boyfriend’s cousin is a former cop.  He will know what to do.  Your ex-wife’s first husband is a lawyer.  He said he mainly does accident cases, but he can help.  Your nephew is right out of law school, he will know how to handle this.

Feeling secure yet?

An arrest for an alcohol or drug crime causes many different worlds to collide.  Only a very experienced professional knows how to successfully navigate you safely through this process.  There are very few attorneys who specialize in alcohol and drug offenses in the entire State of Louisiana.Collectively, the firm has over one hundred years of legal experience to bring to your defense for alcohol and drug offenses.  We will discuss all of the issues that you will be facing right after arrest and help you past the problems that the arrest might cause for the next ten years down the road.  Ten years?  Yes, we help you consider challenges well beyond the present.  Arrests of this nature have those lasting repercussions.

So, yes, you can hire any attorney to handle your affairs.  You get what you pay for.

But if you are really concerned about your future, hire a true professional.

Come see us.