Of Tragedy, Fortitude and Redemption

What started out as a seemingly innocent outing for three young men ended in a tragedy which affected the lives of many.  After nearly three years in prison, Sean Holloway – the only person to take full responsibility for his actions on that fateful day – was released only after the Louisiana Supreme Court said that he really should not have served his entire sentence after all.

On October 19, 2016 the Supreme Court reversed trial judge Marilyn Castle and ruled that she did not follow the law in sentencing him.  As a result, Sean Holloway served eight months longer in prison that he should have.

How is it that a prosecutor can ask a judge to reconsider a ruling more than seven months after all delays for doing so have run?

How is it that a judge would allow the filing of such a motion, well beyond the time limit established by law?

We asked those questions for Sean Holloway. We challenged. We fought and we persevered through a legal process that took nearly eight years.  Ultimately, we prevailed. At the end, he and the legal team which fought so hard for him were vindicated.

See the full decision here:  https://www.lasc.org/opinions/2016/15OK1233.OPN.pdf