RIP Harold Savoie

One could stack several lifetimes of experiences in the practice of law and never come up with an advocate as colorful as Harold Savoie. An independent minded maverick who would always stand out in the courtroom, Harold died at the age of 91 in his beloved townlet of Duson where had previously served as city attorney, prosecutor and defacto Burgermeister. Harold will be forever remembered for formally surrendering membership in the Lafayette Parish Bar Association and publishing his lamentations about the organization which he observed to be “more worthless than tits on a boar hog”. In turn, he created The Duson Bar, Inc., which for years it served as his official nom de guerre. He once sued a whore house for failing to deliver to his client “his quid pro quo” and filed his will (well, can’t say for sure really how many he filed or in which parish) in which he bequests his private parts to one who was in need. His pleadings were generally hand-written sheets pulled from a legal pad often with copies of cases ripped out from advance sheets as his back up.

In a world where lawyers invade every molecule of our private space in order to compete for the almighty dollar, it was an immeasurable joy to know a true original who believed that the practice of law was about serving the client.

God Bless you my friend and may you rest in peace.