Who Really Likes Lawyers Anyway?

Obtaining positive reviews for an attorney is a daunting task.  Who wants to say anything after concluding representation about matters sensitive? There are those intrepid souls that do and we really appreciate it.  Positive reviews by actual clients are the hallmark of trust and appreciation.  It matters to us and it matters to those seeking representation.

We recently received the Martindale-Hubbell Client Champion platinum award.  Martindale-Hubbell is the nation’s most trusted source for finding and researching attorneys.  Unlike many new marketing firms who always racing to create the next pay-for craze about attorney qualifications, Martindale-Hubbell has been in the business of conducting attorney reviews since 1868.

According to Martindale-Hubbell the new Client Champion awards recognize those attorneys who excel at service as affirmed by their clients. The awards, based on the quantity and quality of an attorney’s Martindale-Hubbell client reviews, demonstrate an ongoing commitment to delivering excellent client service. Award recipients stand out from their peers with a platinum, gold or silver icon.

The organization reports that fewer than 1% of practicing attorneys receive the Client Champion platinum award designation.

We did.

We are honored and we thank those who have allowed us to serve them.