Blow Weed On Your Own Time!

               And in another state, where it is legal

OK, we know the arguments. 

If it can be legal in other states, you ought to be able to say that what you did there should not count against you here. 

Or, just a matter of time before Louisiana gets it right.

Or, I could get a prescription.



This ain’t Alaska, Colorado, Oregon, Washington or D.C.

When you are told to take a drug test, it is for a reason.  Always good reasons.  There are no excuses.

You are told to take a drug test because someone, somewhere in the legal process will demand one and it better be clean.

“How much time do I have?” is not a good answer.

If you want an excuse, move to the legally greener pastures.

If you expect a judge, prosecutor or probation officer in Louisiana to ever give you the time of day when your abstention is at issue, stay clean and be able to prove it.

No exceptions.