AVVO, Go Rate Yourself!

For attorneys who rely on our reputations to stand alone without advertising like Allyson, ratings matter.  Honest, legitimate ratings from clients, attorneys and those familiar with the justice system matter.  That is why I thought that AVVO should matter.  I was wrong.

The AVVO website ostensibly set up to help the public sort through lawyers with this allegedly neutral ranking.  AVVO uses a three-criteria system to arrive at a rating from 1-10 supposedly to rank experience, industry recognition, and professional conduct.  It does not.  It is a farce.

AVVO creates a page for lawyers without your consent whether you like it or not.  If you claim it, you start getting rated based on their scale.  It looks legitimate.  It is not.  The scale means nothing.  But unless you are an attorney familiar with how AVVO works, you will never know that.

Typical attorney rankings start at 6.5.  They stay there unless you play the game which involves a race to post responses to questions to shoppers who would rather get an opinion to support their story than get honest legal advice.  Attorneys eager to enhance their position will answer with generic non-specific responses like “you should seek advice from an attorney in your area” or “you should not make comments without hiring experience counsel.”  Helpful?  I quit wasting my time in the race to the bottom.

So, one can engage in a mutual gratification exchange to promote yourself as an attorney to gain ranks in experience, industry recognition and professional conduct or you can advertise with AVVO to enhance your visibility.  Good scheme, right?  Yeah, that’s how we look at it too.

AVVO contacts us about every two weeks to solicit business.  When no one returns a phone call immediately, they follow up with an email.  Of course, we don’t advertise with AVVO.

So if you think that AVVO is the ultimate repository for one’s legal abilities you are sadly mistaken.  If you have any doubts post a few questions on your own and see for yourself.

AVVO, go rate yourself.  You are long overdue.